1. Audio Problems


    One-way Audio / No Audio

    If you are experiencing either one-way audio or no audio at all you may be experiencing firewall issues. In general we recommend that all VoX Mobile users enable "STUN" to workaround these kinds of issues.

    To enable STUN:

    1. Click your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Choose "Network".
    4. Enable "Use Stun".

    Poor Audio Quality

    Poor audio quality is often the result of a weak Internet connection. We recommend that you use VoX Mobile only with a Wi-Fi or 3G (or faster) cellular connection.

    However, sometimes the VoX Mobile audio encoder needs to be changed so that a lower bandwidth connection is sufficient. If you are using a Wi-Fi or 3G (or faster) cellular connection and your audio quality is still poor then we recommend that you try enabling the G.729 codec option.

    Please note that G.729 usage is not free and requires you to obtain an end-user license.

    To enable the G.729 Codec:

    1. From the dialer, click your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Choose "Media".
    4. Choose "Codecs".
    5. Find "G729 8 kHz" in the list and click-and-hold the item.
    6. Choose "Activate".
    7. Read and accept the license agreement.

    No Audio When Screen Turns Off

    If you are experiencing no audio when your phone's screen turns off then this usually indicates one of two things:

    • You have installed an application such as setCPU that changes your phone's CPU speed when the screen is turned off.
    • Your particular phone has a misbehaving Wi-Fi card as noted in the Android forums.

    In either case there is a work-around which leaves your display on at all times.

    To enable the work-around:

    1. Click your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Click your phone's "menu" button again.
    4. Click "Expert Mode".
    5. Choose "User Interface".
    6. Enable "Keep awake while on call".

    Audio Always From Speaker / No Ear-Piece Audio

    If you are experiencing a problem where audio is always played through the phone's rear speaker rather than through the phone's ear-piece then you may need to enable a work-around for the issue as follows:

    1. Click your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Click your phone's "menu" button again.
    4. Click "Expert Mode".
    5. Choose "Media" and enable one of the following:
      • Mode API
      • Routing API
      • Tone Hack
      • Use WebRTC Implementation

    IMPORTANT: We recommend starting with the "Mode API" setting without enabling the others. If your problems persist then we recommend trying combinations of those settings. You may also need to toggle the selected setting under "Audio Mode For SIP Calls".

  2. General Questions


    What is this App ?

    This mobile App is both an Android application and a subscription service which use Voice Over IP (VoIP) to allow you to make telephone calls over the Internet using your phone's Wi-Fi connection or your phone's data connection (3G and faster is recommended).

    With this App you also get premium calling features such as 3-way calling, call waiting, call block, caller ID, speed dial and unlimited text messaging to other Mobile App customers.

    Please note that you may be charged data usage rates by your carrier by using this application.

    The mobile network is owned and operated by VoX Communications.

    Is this mobile App Free?

    This mobile application is free for personal and commercial use. You may use it to make unlimited calls to other mobile users and enjoy the clearest VoIP calling available. If you want to use the App to call people on their regular cellular or land lines then you need to subscribe to a product that is billed monthly to your credit card.

    You may also use SIP accounts from other network service providers for free.

    How Much does this mobile account cost?

    Mobile accounts are very inexpensive. In fact we offer unlimited free calling to other mobile App users. You can also choose one of our premium calling plans starting from just $4.95 per month. You can see all the details of our service plans when you sign up.

    Why should I use this App over Skype or Vonage

    Lower cost calling plans

    Better call quality due to the Codecs we designed in developing our App.

    You can use your contacts directly from your Android device.No requirement to create a special contact list.

    Easy and intuitive access to our rates directly on your mobile

    Skype was first but not best. We were not first but are the best

    Vonage's apps use your mobile plan minutes when you make international calls. So you are paying a premium on every call.

    Can I Use 3rd Party SIP Providers?

    The App has built-in support for over 60 SIP providers. You can also manually configure any SIP provider you wish because we understand that many people have multiple SIP accounts. With our mobile App you can consolidate all of your SIP accounts into a single application.

    Why do I have a 200 number on my free VoX Mobile account?

    Not Available to VoX Partner Apps. We may assign a 200 number to your free account. This does not allow you to receive incoming calls, only making outbound calls. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a real phone number with the free App. We apologize for the inconvenience but we try to offer a compelling free service while maintaining our low costs as a company, hopefully you understand this reason.

    Can I Cancel My Subscription?

    You may cancel your App subscription at any time, without penalty.

    Can I add a second line to take my business calls on my Android?

    Yes, you can add multiple accounts and multiple lines to your the mobile App.

    You can also port your existing land line number to your Android Phone.

  3. How Do I ?


    How Do I Dial International Numbers?

    When using the mobile App you should keep in mind that all phone calls appear as if you are in the United States. This means that you could call New York just like someone that lives in New York, even if you are half way around the world.

    A common point of confusion arises when someone outside of the United States tries to call the country that they live in. For example, if you are physically in France and you want to call your neighbor, then you would need to dial your neighbor's number as if you are in the United States - this means using the international dialing rules for North America.

    There are two (2) ways to call people that live outside of the United States. As an example, suppose you wanted to call the Hotel Britannique in Paris. Their phone number is 33 (0)1 42 33 74 59.

    Therefore you may call the hotel with either of the following sequences:

    • +330142337459
    • 011330142337459

    NOTE: To dial a '+' sign you press and hold the '0' (zero) button on the dial pad.

    How Do I Configure a 3rd Party SIP Provider?

    VoX Mobile has built-in support for over 60 SIP providers. In addition you can manually configure any SIP provider. Here is how:

    1. Press your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Click "Add / Manage Accounts".
    3. Click your phone's "menu" button again.
    4. Click "Add Other". From there you can choose "Generic wizards" to manually configure a SIP provider or choose one of the available wizards for specific SIP providers.

    How Do I Find Out What My Phone Number Is?

    You can see your VoX Mobile phone number by:

    1. Click your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Accounts".
    3. Choose your VoX Mobile account.

    How Do I Get A Mobile Account?

    Getting a mobile account is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Here is how:

    1. Press your phone's "menu" button.
    2. Click "Add / Manage Accounts".
    3. Click "Sign Up" and follow the instructions.

    How Do I Send/Receive Text Messages?

    You can send and receive unlimited text messages to any other mobile App customer and messages are not limited to 160 characters, like standard text messaging services. With this App your messages can be just about any length you wish.

    To send a message:

    1. Click the "Messaging" tab from the top-right corner of your mobile dial pad.
    2. Choose "New Message".
    3. Choose a contact in one of two ways:
      • Select a mobile customer from you list of contacts.
      • Click the area above the contact list that reads Sip uri or autocomplete and enter the phone number of another mobile App customer.

      NOTE: A list of contacts will be shown, however, text messaging only works with other mobile App customers.

  4. Samsung Galaxy Tablet


    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

    If you are experiencing a problem on a Samsung Galaxy tablet where audio is always played through the tablet's speaker rather than through the tablet's ear-piece then you may need to enable a work-around for the issue as follows:

    1. Click your tablet's "menu" button.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Click your tablet's "menu" button again.
    4. Click "Expert Mode".
    5. Choose "Media".
    6. Enable "Use Samsung Galaxy Hack"

  5. Wi-Fi Calling


    What is Wi-Fi Calling?

    Wi-Fi calling is when you are able to use your mobile phone by using a Mobile VoIP App like the Android App we offer, that is able to make calls when you are within a WI-Fi enabled area, whether it is your home or a Starbuck's hotspot.

    Wi-Fi calls are inexpensive and do not affect your mobile minutes under your plan. As you are not using the mobile phone carrier's network to make these calls, you also do not incur a roaming charge if you are traveling which can be very expensive.

    Wi-Fi calling is also very useful when you are approaching or have exceed your monthly plan minutes when the mobile carriers usually charge high rates for minutes used over the planned minutes.