Global Android Home Phone


Welcome to the future of the home phone...

Our Global Android Home Phone works on any broadband connection in the world to provide crisp, clear digital voice.

With unlimited calling to other VoX customers including VoX Mobile, you can call family and friends anytime, anywhere for free. The quality of voice with this phone is unmatched in the marketplace today and carries our VoX money back satisfaction guarantee.

Order today - $99.95

Sign up today and get a FREE $5 Android top up card for use with the VoX Mobile "Pay As You Go" calling plan.

  • Global Android Home Phone $99.95 with no contract
  • "Pay As You Go" calling plan for as little as $1, top up as needed
  • Unlimited FREE calling to other VoX customers
  • Low international calling rates
  • Keep your existing telephone number (optional)
  • FREE calling features including voicemail, caller ID, 3-way calling, call block for telemarketers
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Plug and Play on any broadband connection


Local Numbers In 57 Countries

Local Telephone Number are available in 57 Countries, one or many local numbers can be loaded so that family and friends can call you across the world by making a simple local call without incurring any International call charges.