The VoX mission - "Power to the Cloud"


The VoX mission is to create and evolve our technology brand to deliver voice and video virally in innovative ways with a global reach. We practice and embrace the art of IP communications throughout the world. At VoX – we live and dream "Power to the Cloud".

So who are we?


We are a technology based company that has developed a very flexible, stable and scalable Linux based server cluster that is virtualized in "The Cloud". Today, we deliver both voice and video anywhere in the world where a stable broadband connection exists. Our technology is highly adaptive and has been architected to be modified quickly and easily to react to the ever changing communications market demands. We believe our technology and associated low cost of operations are disruptive to the existing telecommunications model, both nationally and to an even greater extent in international markets.



Our team is a dedicated group of technology experts in both telecommunications and information technology. Their extensive knowledge and experience enables the company to be innovators in both voice and video over broadband.



Our clients are diverse in that our technology allows us to brand and white label a product to appear as though it is owned and operated by the client. VoX is branding for a large customer base, including companies that include Melaleuca and Bausch and Lomb, who use our video phones and app in multiple locations globally.